The Top Rehab Center, Passages Malibu

Ever since the establishment of Passages Malibu in 2001, hundreds of people flock to this top rehab center as a haven where they will be treated with respect and care while seeing real results. With numerous holistic therapy options—more than you will find elsewhere—and only the very best services to pamper clients, Passages Malibu focuses on aiding people in healing themselves not only physically, but also on a far deeper level. Situated on a luxurious estate with a majestic view of the Pacific Ocean, the combination of the modern and advanced facilities with the breathtaking scenery and state of the art holistic treatments is enough to give anyone the support they need to recover from dangerous addictions.

We strive to keep you happy and comfortable as you spiritually cleanse yourself; right from the start of your stay at Passages Malibu until the day you are ready to celebrate your graduation. At Passages Malibu, we offer luxury rehab, which entails a total of over 60 hours of individual therapy every month that you will receive via a team of highly skilled and compassionate experts—each of whom is professionally trained in specific fields related to addiction. These individuals work in harmony to come up with a perfect treatment program that you are comfortable with, and that works for you.

Our highly trained staff realizes that, to beat an addiction, you need to be feeling like you are in tip-top condition. For this reason, we make sure that plenty of essential spa-like services are available for you to feel your best. Intensive healing massages, reflex improving exercises, and yoga classes are examples of some of the services we offer to help you improve the state of your body and your mind.

Additionally, you will be well looked after by our personal trainers, who will help you create new and healthful habits while you are getting rid of your old bad habits, and show you how to get the most out of our countless tennis courts, fitness centers, and other services to help you stay active. If you are searching for a place where you can receive the care of highly skilled addiction experts to help you heal the physical and psychological damage of your addiction, please contact us. Our goal is to get you into our world-class rehab center and help you recover.

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Passages Malibu’s Co-Founders: Chris and Pax Prentiss

Passages Malibu would have never been possible if not for the efforts of Pax Prentiss and his loving father, Chris. After a 10-year struggle with cocaine, heroin and alcohol, Pax finally became desperate enough to take responsibility for his problems and turn to his father for help. Together, they embarked on a long spiritual search that would ultimately lead them to create Passages Malibu, the ultimate luxury rehab center in California.

After every conventional recovery program failed, Pax and his father turned to alternative healing methods for relief. Through their combined research and dedication, Pax was finally able to rid himself of addiction by embracing a holistic treatment program. This natural solution eliminated both his physical dependency along with his psychological inhibitions to use. In other words, Pax was able to heal himself by getting to the very core of his addictions.

Instead of keeping these proven techniques to themselves, Chris and Pax decided to share them with the world in the form of a Passages Malibu, the premiere luxury rehab center for anyone who wants to resolve their addictions naturally. Give Passages Malibu a call today to receive the same quality and professionalism that rid Pax of his multiple 10-year addictions.