The Story of Passages Malibu

Many years before Passages Malibu came into existence, a man called Pax Prentiss was facing a struggle. Chris, Pax’s father, was unaware that his son was drinking large quantities of alcohol and consuming cocaine and heroin every day. This continued for ten years until the point came where Pax had spiraled into the web of lying and stealing and was completely on his own. He could not support his many addictions anymore, and finally admitted the truth about his hidden lifestyle to his family and himself.

Before long, Pax began to understand that the many disadvantages of the drugs were much more significant than the temporary euphoria they gave him—and so he decided to try to quit. With the help of his father, Pax sought admission in any AA and 12-step programs they came across, confident that at least one of them would work for him. Disappointingly, nothing worked out.

Instead of the kind and caring community he was looking for, Pax only came across scorn and pessimism from conventional rehab treatments. This was not because of his peers, in spite of the fact that the group meetings were rather mortifying, but from the structure of the actual program. Wherever he went and whomever he talked to, Pax was continually labeled as being an “addict,” and told that he suffered from an “illness.” Pax craved an encouraging and optimistic environment, but he was treated as if he were ill and weak. To Pax, it felt like these factors contributed to him relapsing rather than preventing it.

Additionally, Pax felt that it was demeaning when his freedom was limited while residing in these places. He did not appreciate being denied permission to use any electronic devices or being downgraded to doing basic chores and labor. These rules only felt degrading, and pushed him to use drugs and alcohol more often. In fact, it almost felt like he was being unjustly punished and disciplined rather than aided.

Chris was also aware that the issue was not within his son, but with the basic and conventional approach to treatment that every rehab program was taking. It was apparent that Pax needed something special, a custom treatment program that would go beyond the limited boundaries of treating addiction as an illness. This was, unbeknownst to Pax and Chris, the start of Passages Malibu.

Their research and willingness to look past the limits helped them come across alternative medicine and less mainstream healing methods that they had not ever known  By fusing the absolute best philosophies of the East and the West, Pax reflected on his addictions in a completely different yet spiritually and psychologically significant way. When he deduced the main causes of his addiction, Pax could finally face his problems while coming from a place of inner courage and knowledge instead of being scared and feeling weak.

He healed from all of his addictions, and, with the support of his father, founded Passages Malibu in 2001. Passages Malibu makes use of the same unique mindset and philosophy that helped Chris and Pax to understand and remove three major addictions from Pax’s life.

Pax can now say with pride that he healed from his addictions, and converted them from something that weighed him down into an emotional and spiritual adventure towards bettering himself, and he is convinced that anyone with a little willingness can achieve the same thing at Passages Malibu.