The aspect that makes Passages Malibu unique compared to all the other rehab centers in the area, or even across the globe, is our philosophy. Any other rehab facility that you go to will treat you in a manner that would suggest that your addiction is an illness that you need to be rid off—but at Passages Malibu, we do not encourage such a pessimistic and negative mindset. We try to approach addiction in a much more gentle and kind manner, to prevent slowing down your progress with negativity.

According to our view, forcing someone to admit that they are powerless against their addiction goes against the point of getting treatment in the first place. A true and complete recovery requires bravery and inner strength, rather than submission. Instead of treating your addiction as a malady that needs to be forcefully “healed,” we consider it a temporary part of your personality that can be altered with a little work. Your addiction does not define you, and here at Passages Malibu, we never treat you as less than yourself because of your addiction.

We use numerous natural ways of recovering from addictions as a part of our philosophy, such as better nutrition via supplements, healing exercises, as well as non-toxic treatments like acupuncture. Rather than attempting only to heal you physically, as most rehab centers do, Passages Malibu puts a greater focus on the physical, psychological and spiritual aspects all working together to give you a life-long recovery.

4 Causes of addictions

The one-on-one attention, privacy, and time to think and meditate that our philosophy allows you significantly reduces any chances of relapsing. Our team of specialists will explain as to you when you arrive, according to our beliefs, one or more of the following factors cause addiction:

  • An imbalance of chemicals in the body
  • Unsolved events from your past
  • Being unable to deal with your current situation
  • False beliefs that you hold